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David Bergeron, Director

Mr. Bergeron founded SunDanzer in 1999 and currently serves as President and CEO.  SunDanzer has operations in Qingdao, Monterey, Tucson, and El Paso with 15,000 sq.ft. of office, laboratory, manufacturing, and warehouse space.  SunDanzer performs R&D for NASA and the Department of Defense in the area of solar powered cooling equipment.  SunDanzer also manufacturers in the USA and exports solar refrigeration equipment to every continent.  Before starting SunDanzer, Mr. Bergeron worked in aerospace on 3 satellite projects over 20 years.  He has 6 patents in satellite and solar energy systems design.  He attended Rice University, Texas A&M, and the University of Houston with degrees in Mechanical Engineering and Finance.  Mr. Bergeron's 8th grade science project was a solar PV powered car.  His solar and energy efficiency pursuits have driven his educational and career paths.

Dr. Jim Airola, Chief Economist

Dr. Airola has a Ph. D. in Economics from the University of Houston and currently teaches graduate level Economics at the Monterey Institute for International Studies and serves as the Director of Business Development at SunDanzer Refrigeration Inc.